Healing Journeys Hypnotherapy
Savarna Wiley, MA, CMT, CCHT
Welcome to my practice....

I would love to share the magic of hypnosis, the healing potential of deep listening and the miracle of grace that happens when we open ourselves to going beyond old boundaries – to come into being fully alive.

Gentle but powerful, hypnosis works beautifully to create lasting, positive changes in behavior and belief. We all have been conditioned by the events, people and situations in our lives. Some of our conditionings help us but some can play a part in locking us in out-dated and limiting ways of responding to life. Our conscious mind may want to find a deeper purpose in life, create fulfilling relationships or make a change in career but if the inner conditioning is not in alignment with these changes there is struggle. With hypnosis, we use relaxation of the body and mind to access deeper thoughts and feelings.

With compassion, acceptance and an openness to explore satisfying solutions, we work together to find new perspectives, actions that bring fulfillment and an alignment with an inner core of peace, power and possibility.
A complementary phone consultation 
will help you learn more about what is possible - your own Healing Journey.

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Located in Aptos, California, ( just south of Santa Cruz )  Healing Journeys utilizes the powerful tools of Hypnosis, Guided Imagery, New studies in Brain Science, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing), Parts Work, Trauma Release, Spiritual Direction, Art Therapies, Inner Intention, Back Flower Remedies (homeopathy), Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Medical Hypnotherapy and Spiritual Regression ( Newton Process) to address blocks in finding fulfillment in life. 
With an eye to the whole person, these methods are used in a customized way to tap into innate wisdom within. Working  with the conscious and sub-conscious mind, the body and spirit, we uncover, build upon and discover new inner strengths to bring to life's challenges and opportunities.

Some Common issues to address are:

Performance/ Building confidence ...in school, work, sports, public speaking, social interaction, job interviews, martial arts, and test taking.
Finding Purpose In times of change, gain perspective and tap your own inner wisdom. Quieting the static of the opinions of others and find what truly makes you happy.
Anxiety & Fears...Finding relief from generalized nervousness, panic attacks, fear of flying, driving or heights etc.
Finding clarity for life direction.....Work/Career change, building a new life after retirement, connecting with inner guidance and intuition, spiritual focus.
Manifestation  Clearing inner conflicts and blocks that make for self defeating patterns..using Inner IntentionTM process to catalyze next steps.  
Reducing and Managing Stress...Enjoying deeply healing states of relaxation, building helpful practices for finding center in the midst of activities.
Healthy Habits ...Smoking cessation, healthy eating and exercise, finding balance in work, leisure and family life. 
Medical Issues...Pain control/reduction, preparation and recovery from surgery, imagery for healing, releasing physical/emotional blocks, finding motivation for change in behaviors and beliefs.  
Relationship issues.. Promoting greater self insight, good communication and clarity. 
Spiritual Exploration...Connecting with core self, exploring consciousness, reinforcing positive attitudes and happy habits, increased sense of connection with spiritual source, developing intuition.
Past Life Regression...Accessing deep memory, greater awareness of self as Soul, insight into relationships and repetitive life pattens, connecting with innate abilities, address unexplained physical conditions or 'irrational' fears, releasing old limiting beleifs. 
Understanding Soul Purpose ..Transpersonal hypnotherapy, Life Between Lives Sessions -3-5 hour long sessions in exploring self, soul and source.

My sessions with Savarna have been profound and life changing. I never imagined that I would have found the success and peace that I
 experience now."  
JT, Aptos

"Savarna brought a gentle, strong, and unrushed presence to our work together.  I felt heard, understood 
and empowered."  
TS Santa Cruz

Savarna skillfully and compassionately navigates the inner realms.  She was a  competent and caring guide for me there.
HS San Fransisco